A day in the life of a tow truck driver

Tow Truck Driver

How Was Your Day With a San Francisco Tow Truck Driver

How was your day hon?

My wife asks me this question each day as we meet for dinner when I get back home (after I wash off all the grease and dirt, of course, she’s not that tolerant…). The great thing is, I get to answer her each and every day that I did some good today, helped out a few folks, got someone out of a jam, made someone’s day a bit better, and all in all, got to use my skill and expertise to aid others.

At this point some of you may think I’m the long lost descendant of Mother Theresa (I hope it’s not because we share some facial features), or that I’m a champion of some benevolent cause for bringing about world peace and unyielding love and brotherhood between all the peoples of the Earth. Truth to be told – I’m a simple San Francisco tow truck driver. Didn’t see that one coming, huh?

But that’s actually the point. Most of my day is about helping others. Our professional and licensed towing company features a fully equipped. As soon as they call we get to them in no more than 30 minutes coming in on our white horses to save the day (well, actually it’s more of a tow truck and not a horse, but still). That’s when the fun begins. There’s nothing like coming to someone’s help, seeing the frustration on their faces, feeling the tension accumulated within them as they’re late for work or for any other engagements, and knowing you’re going to get them back on the road again. Whether it’s a flat tire that needs changing, a dead car battery that needs jumpstarting or replacing, an out of gas situation that requires some emergency fueling, a car lockout that requires securely and gently breaking into the car, a lost keys situation which requires for prompt keys replacement, or any other roadside assistance situations, I know I’m about to make someone’s day a whole lot better.

That’s why I consider it as a privilege working for Emergency Towing San Francisco. Where else can I do so much good for San Francisco drivers and get paid for it?