How to Photograph Your Car for Sale

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Tips for How to Photograph Your Car for Sale

A Photo Could Be Worth Several Thousand Dollars!

Selling your vehicle could be a very time consuming process. You must have a certain number in your mind and hope the buyer comes within the vicinity of the price. But before you set the price or think about putting that for sale sign inside your window, you must take several good photographs of your vehicle. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, that same picture could be worth several thousand dollars! Yes, that’s right, it’s all about the clear quality of the photograph that tells the story.

You don’t have to lug around a Nikon camera anymore when taking photos of your vehicle. All you need is a smartphone and a sturdy hand while capturing the images. You’ll need to take a few photos, so be patient. The first photo would be the exterior of the vehicle. Take a few shots from various angles to give the buyer a much better perspective. You will then want to photograph the interior and the surroundings. Zoom-in on any features you wish to promote. You could have installed a brand new subwoofer speaker sound system that could add further to the value. And finally, you’ll want to snap a quick photo of the dashboard, with strong emphasis on the mileage odometer.

The proof is always in the pictures. Photos don’t lie and neither should you. It’s important to remain honest with the buyer to keep a good relationship and build a good reputation as well. There are tons of sites where you can list your vehicle for sale, such as Craigslist or Carfax. Brokers typically take a fixed fee and most people prefer to sell their vehicles on their own. Buyers usually do their homework but it’s your responsibility to answer any questions. A compelling title is crucial when posting the photos on the internet. Think of something creative to draw interest.

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