How to Read a Car History Report


How to Read a Car History Report

Doing Your Carfax Homework

You don’t have to be a car wiz to read a carfax/vehicle history report. You can request a report from your local DMV to get a better perspective on the vehicle you intend on buying. Sellers might be cheating or lying when they tell you about the history of the vehicle. The proof is always on paper, as the saying goes! Here are a few helpful tips on how to read a vehicle history report:

  • Name & Description – Pay very close attention to the VIN, which is the vehicle identification number to make sure that the car is not stolen. Thieves would normally clone the VIN or try to pass it off as something else. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the report and that everything checks out. It all begins with a name and a description! Be on the lookout for forged documents or anything else that looks suspicious. Ask a friend or relative to oversee the report with you just to be on the safe side.
  • How Many Times Has the Vehicle Changed Hands – This is really important to know. Has there been a single owner, several owners or more than ten altogether? You need to find out if there were any serious repairs added on throughout the course of it’s tenure. Some owners treat their vehicles like treasures while others might neglect it entirely. Just something to take into consideration before plunking any cash down.
  • Bad Weather Affects a Vehicle – You most likely don’t have to worry too much if the vehicle was properly taken care of and kept safe and sound in a garage. You should, however, check to see that the car hasn’t been hit by a hurricane or a terrible blizzard. Harsh weather conditions can have a severe impact on a vehicle, especially the price. Rust can also accumulate after heavy rainstorms, so take a good look at the finer print.

How to Read a Carfax

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