Who to Call When You Get Stuck on the Road

Get Stuck on the Road

Who to Call When You Get Stuck on the Road

“I stayed a little later than usual at my job last Friday night. It was a long day at the office and all I wanted to do was to go home at enjoy a nice movie on TV. Midway through my trip, I noticed the car engine making funny noises. I really had no idea what to do, so I pulled over to the side of the road. I nearly began to panic because I didn’t have a regular tow truck company and needed emergency roadside help.

I called a couple of local towing companies with the hopes of getting back home in time to catch my movie. 2 hours later, I decided it was time to reach out to the professionals. I quickly dialed Emergency Towing on a co-worker’s referral. She told me about how reliable and affordable Emergency Towing was. I nearly had to do a double take on my watch, because it took them roughly 30 minutes to arrive! You had to be there to see the smile on my face!

The young man introduced himself as Johnny and showed me the Emergency Towing company ID right away. He told me that it was company policy to present proper identification to each client. A giant sigh of relief came upon me at that point! Johnny safely attached my Lexus to his truck and brought it to a nearby garage just outside of San Francisco city. Here’s the part that truly left me speechless, he didn’t even accept a tip for all his hard work!

Emergency Towing makes all the other towing companies look like amateurs. They are such wonderful experts that offer friendly service with reliable timing. I couldn’t even believe how fast they arrived after my phone conversation. I managed to text my husband and let him know that everything was alright. Johnny drove me straight home and said it was no bother at all. He also told me that if I ever needed any roadside assistance or towing services, he was the guy to do it!

You’ll never meet a nicer group of guys than Emergency Towing. A nightmare roadside situation was avoided thanks in part to the quick thinking of Emergency Towing. I thank my lucky stars for these guys. If it wasn’t for their speedy arrival, I would have waited until the next morning for the other guys to show up. The quote was exactly as mentioned by phone and not a dollar more. I highly advise anyone in the San Francisco community to use the fantastic roadside services of Emergency Towing! You guys are simply the best!” – Jeannie