Car Towing Experts Saved My Day

It is No Fun Being Stuck in a Road

Emergency Car Towing Experts Saved My Day

“I was returning home from my daughter’s softball game a few days ago when I got stuck on the highway. It seemed like only a few miles before the engine stopped running. It was very late at night and I didn’t want to leave my Jedi on the side of the road. My sister told me about Emergency Towing in San Francisco and how they helped her in the past. It only took the polite young man 28 minutes to arrive. Yes, I counted!

The friendly expert’s name was Danny and he told me that this was an easy job that wouldn’t take long at all. Danny went to his truck and returned with an emergency roadside starter kit to power my dead battery. He took the necessary precautions to jump start the car and always checked on my safety. He positioned his truck facing the front end of my car and went to work. The entire process took about 20 minutes, from start to finish.

Emergency Towing impressed me so much with their genuine level of care and friendly service. They offer reliable car jump start services at very affordable prices. I needed to have the car towed to a garage in town. These awesome pros cover all parts of San Francisco, in case you should ever find yourself stuck-on-the-road. I even had a nice chat about the Giants winning the World Series with Danny! He’s a major sports fan too.

You’ll never come across a more professional team of experts than with Emergency Towing. They have a lovely staff of customer care people that will work with you and have patience. It’s so hard finding a customer care professional that really takes the time to help out. Jackie stayed with me on the line until Danny was called to the scene. She is such a sweetheart!

I really can’t say enough good things about Emergency Towing. The tow truck arrived ahead of time and provided me with emergency on the spot services. You don’t have to empty your wallet for a basic jump start either. They really offer excellent rates and the most professional roadside assistance services in San Francisco. Make sure you call for the pros at Emergency Towing the next time your car won’t start or you’re in need of emergency road help! You’ll certainly be glad you’ve chosen them.” – Jake