How To Avoid Illegal Towing

How To Avoid Illegal Towing

How To Avoid Illegal Towing

There is nothing worse than returning from a store to find that your vehicle has been illegally towed away. You should always know your rights to avoid any type of illegal towing. Many towing companies practice illegal towing, which can result in you paying a lot of money to have your vehicle recovered. You should always be aware of any signs that warn you in advance of parking in an illegal zone or private property. Your vehicle may be subject to a traditional towing, so make sure you pay close attention to signs. You should never block any driveway when parking your vehicle, and the owner does have the right to have your car towed away. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can avoid getting your vehicle illegally towed away:

●     Know Your Rights – Ask the towing operator upon arrival and before they hook up your vehicle of what the charges will be to avoid any misunderstanding of the charges. Once they hook up your vehicle and there is a dispute, they can impound the car if you don’t pay what they ask. Do not leave any valuables in the vehicle once you leave it.

●     Pay Attention to Bogus Companies – Unethical and undesirable companies will usually neglect appearance of their towing vehicles, equipment, and employees. Another thing to consider is if you have seen the towing employees in action, is their language, attitudes, and professionalism. These are all hints as to what type of company you are dealing with, so pay attention.

●     Pay Attention to Signs – When parking, always obey parking rules even on private property. When parked always hide and secure if possible any valuable personal property. Don’t take chances and park illegally even for just a minute, you can get towed.

●     Ask Questions – Do your background check on the company. Has any of their employees been convicted of major crimes? Do they regularly random drug test on all employees? Do they require all drivers to be certified by some industry recognized training program such as CHP training or Wreck master before driving for you? Do they quote an accurate total price prior to doing the tow? Is their company a member of any trade associations? These are all factors to take into consideration.

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