How to Keep Your Vehicle from Being Towed

How to Keep Your Vehicle from Being Towed

How to Keep Your Vehicle from Being Towed

For the drivers of San Francisco, there are plenty of things to worry about without ever needing to worry about getting your car towed. Still, plenty of people seem to find themselves on the wrong side of a towing truck wondering what they could have done to save themselves the trouble. Here at Towing San Francisco we’re more than happy to help San Francisco drivers keep themselves off a flatbed towing truck. Here are a few tips to keeping your car from being towed.

Be Attentive and Keep Your Car Well Maintained

Some things can’t be helped, like the fact that a car can’t run without gas. We’re all busy with plenty of adventures, but it’s important to be attentive to the little things. Make sure your gas tank is never less than a quarter full. Also, stick to the maintenance schedule provided by your mechanic. It’s really smartest to make sure your car is always tuned up and well maintained. This also means little things like getting your oils changed regularly. A well cared for car can go much farther, much more reliably, which means you’re very likely not going to need to call for a towing truck any time soon.

Learn To Change a Flat Tire

The second best thing you can do to keep your car from getting towed is learn how to take care of small breakdowns yourself, such as how to change a flat tire. If you are prepared with a spare tire in the trunk and a wrench and a jack, you can do it on your own. These days, fewer and fewer people know how to get their hands dirty and think they have to call for a tow truck to help them change their flat. But changing a flat tire is easy enough on your own:

1. Loosen the lug nuts, but don’t take them off.

2. Jack up the car.

3. Remove the lug nuts and flat tire.

4. Put on the spare tire and tighten those lug nuts in a star pattern rather than clockwise.

If you know how to fix a flat, you shouldn’t ever need to call for a tow truck.

Follow Parking Laws

Finally, the biggest cause of unwanted towing just happens to be parking violations. There is no reason for you to violate your local parking laws like parking over a sidewalk, double parking, or ignoring private parking signs. If a sign tells you that you’re parking in a private lot or fire lane, you’re asking to be towed. Instead of putting yourself through that, park where it’s legal or run the risk of getting towed.

If you ever need towing assistance because your car has broken down or an inevitable accident has occurred, Towing San Francisco is here to help you out! Our reliable team is highly trained and immediately available anytime, anywhere.