Locked Out of Your Car Guide

Locked Out of My Car

What To Do While You are Locked Out of Your Car

Read our guide to follow steps to follow when we are locked out of your car and find yourself in a situation where you can say “I am locked out of my car”. We can help you learn what your options are and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

When you get locked out of your car, there are several options. The first piece of advice is to not panic! The least appealing or sensible is to try to tackle the problem yourself. If you break your car window or damage the door, you are not only invalidating your insurance policy, but you are creating damage that will cost more to repair than calling in professional automotive locksmiths to solve it quickly.

If you have a spare key, that’s great! Most people do not have spare car keys, but if you are one of the lucky one, locate them and use them to get back on the road! Give yourself a pat on the back for being a smart driver!

The better option is to call in an emergency automotive locksmith such as the ones we have at Emergency Towing. They are trained, bonded and insured to perform a variety of “lockout solutions.” These are industry insider tricks to reverse locked doors, get legal owners back inside their vehicles and back to their busy days.

How to prevent it from happening again?

Hey, accidents happen. Don’t blame yourself if you get locked out of your car. It’s important to try to take preventative steps, such as trying to keep keys with you whenever you step out of the car or close the doors.

The best way to deal with a car lockout is to key a spare set of keys in a safe place for this situation. The next best move is to keep Emergency Towing’s number on speed dial for safe, professional and well-priced solutions!