How To Sleep In Your Car If You Absolutely Have To

How To Sleep In Your Car If You Absolutely Have To

Sleeping in a car doesn’t sound like much fun does it? But there are times when you just don’t have any other choice.  Although sleeping in cars was once considered quite a regular thing to do, this most certainly isn’t the norm anymore.  Here are a few tips for if you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely have to sleep in your car.

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Location, Location, Location

Like camping, you have to find the perfect spot.  There are some things to consider.  You don’t want to be arrested for trespassing or sleeping outside in public, there are laws against that, but you don’t want to be somewhere that is too secluded, in case you need help. You also don’t want to have people walking around near the car while you’re trying to get some sleep. A quiet side street is a good choice. Once you’ve picked a location you can settle down and get well earned some rest.

Get Comfy

Cars aren’t made for sleeping, so it can be difficult to get comfortable. Find the place you feel most comfortable sleeping, whether it’s a reclining front seat or along the back seat where there is a longer space, or maybe you can fold the seats back in your car which will give you even more space, and then start to prepare your bed for the night.

Don’t Forget To Pack

If you’ve planning this trip you should have also brought along some bedding for sleeping in the car.  It doesn’t have to include all the bedding you usually use, because quite frankly, there won’t be room for all of that.  Make sure you take a pillow and warm blanket with, this should be enough to keep you comfy out there. Don’t forget you shouldn’t sleep with the engine running so it might get cold.

Keeping Warm

You can heat up the car before you go to sleep, but don’t forget that the heat won’t remain in the car all night. You may go to sleep all cozy and warm but in a couple of hours you will feel the cold again if you wake up.  You may then want to do the whole heating the car thing again. I suggest bringing a warm blanket and warm clothes to wear, including a knit hat and gloves.

I hope these few tips help you have a better car sleep experience.