Client Testimonials

Hear from some of our satisfied customers!


Brent Jones, of the San Francisco  49ers:

“Thank you Auto Towing for a wonderful service”

Maya Chen 2/11/2010: I was stuck right after coming off of the San Mateo Bridge with a flat tire. Emergency Towing came after 20 minutes, but updated me the whole way over. Once they arrived, they were great at moving quickly and answering all my questions. It was the most friendly roadside service I ever experienced!

Eric Levine 9/20/2009: My car wouldn’t start and I could tell it was because of a dead battery. However, it was 2 in the morning and I couldn’t find anyone to give me a jump start. Luckily, I found Emergency Towing’s number and they came over immediately. They ensured that my car started and would continue running and working even the jump start. I felt very secure with their work and help!

Dan Hamlin 5/1/2009: Emergency Towing are serious professionals who really do aim at minimizing the costs. They were able to open up my car door without needing to program a new set of keys. No scratches or damage to my car! After retrieving my key, I even had them make a duplicate right then and there! I highly recommend them!

Jeff Kaplan 11/14/2008: Thank you! The customer service was on top of everything – calling me to update me when the driver would arrive. When he came, he did a very thorough assessment of car and explained that my car most likely required a new timing belt and I would need to see a mechanic. He gave me advice on who to use for the repairs and I eventually decided on the mechanic shop he recommended. In the end, it all worked out and didn’t cost an arm and leg!