Avoid These Proverbial Pit Holes when Towing Your Motorcycle

Avoid These Proverbial Pit Holes when Towing Your Motorcycle

Towing a motorcycle is not similar to towing a 4-wheeled vehicle. The entire structure of the bike is different, its balance is different, and the relevant specific constraints are different. Emergency Towing in San Francisco will tow your bike to safety, according to the proper professional requirements, so your motorcycle will sustain no further damage by any mistake or any less than professional service.

What kind of towing mistakes you should be aware of? Let`s have a quick look.

Forgetting to Secure the Bike

This is one of the basics and the first thing that must be checked before even starting to tow the motorcycle away. Since this kind of vehicle can’t stand steadily on its own, especially when it’s malfunctioning or misshapen due to an accident, the towing technician needs to make sure it is strapped and tightened as it should be.

The rear wheel has to be strapped near the seat, and the front steering mechanism needs to be strapped against the front tire. Before the towing truck starts moving, you need to make sure the bike does not.

Using the Wrong Equipment

There are many kinds of motorcycle makes and models, and so one must check if the towing technician has the right kind of professional equipment which best matches the bike. For example, some motorcycles have safety mechanisms, which prevent the motorcycle’s wheels from spinning when the motor is turned off. Trying to haul the bike away when this locking mechanism is engaged can prove to be a serious problem.

It is best to check if there is a flatbed towing option right before you decide to hire a specific towing company since this is one of the best towing methods for motorcycles.

Forgetting about Tire Pressure

We are all familiar with the dangers of driving our bike when tire pressure is low, and that is of course valid also to towing services. If the towing technician doesn`t check to see if the tire pressure is sufficient, there’s a danger the tires will blow up during the tow, and even turn the bike over due to imbalance, causing it even more damage.

No Room for Moving

Even if the bike is tightly secured and all it does during the ride is stand still, a lot of the time it will move slightly around, as the tow truck itself moves on roads with bumps and curves. Leaving that extra room around for the bike, about 6 inches’ wide, will prevent the bike from stumbling over. Even if the motorcycle stands alone inside the truck, there is still the possibility of it touching the walls and getting nasty scratches on it if not enough room is left for it to adjust to moves and bumps.

Keep the Rules of Safety

Like everything in life, keeping the rules of safety is the most important thing of all. That is how you ensure a harm-free ride in general, and a harm-free bike in this specific case. Be sure to hire the professionals who would take care of your motorcycle as well as you do.